Two plan to change pleas in brutal beating, robbery case


MISSOULA, Mont. - Two men allegedly involved in the brutal beating and robbery of a Missoula store clerk plan to change their pleas.

Cruz Sebastian Bernardi and Andrew Lloyd Badger showed up in Missoula County District Court Tuesday, morning.

Attorneys for both men told the judge they intend to work out a plea deal with prosecutors.

The two are charged with felonies for their alleged involvement in an incident at Jay's Mart earlier this year when four men beat the store clerk almost to death and took off with money from the cash register.

Bernardi will see the judge next week; his attorney says the case should be resolved by then.

Badger is scheduled to change his plea at a July hearing.

As for the three other men involved in the case one has already been sentenced. Tureadon Thibodeaux was sentenced last month to 20 years in prison for the case.

Ikaika Kamaka changed his plea last month; his sentencing is scheduled for August. His brother Devon Kamaka is scheduled to go to trial in September.

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