Trial for woman accused of killing new husband set for December


Trial for woman accused of killing new husband set for December

MISSOULA, Mont. - The trial for the Kalispell woman accused of pushing her new husband off a cliff in Glacier National Park has been set for December.

In a Missoula federal courtroom Tuesday, Judge Donald Molloy set the start of the trial for Jordan Linn Graham for December 9. Molloy said it falls within the time frame of a 'speedy trial,' which would expire December 13.

Graham is accused of pushing her husband of just eight days, Cody Lee Johnson, off a cliff in Glacier National Park in July. She pleaded not guilty to first and second degree murder as well as a third charge for allegedly lying to investigators.

Graham was not present in the courtroom Tuesday. Her attorneys Michael Donahoe and Any Nelson spoke on her behalf.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Zeno Baucus and Kris McLean asked Judge Molloy for additional time to prepare for the trial, asking for a February trial date. They told the court they are still receiving and reviewing witnesses and at this time have a list of possibly 60 witnesses. Molloy told them that number seems too large for the trial. Attorneys said they will likely be able to cut it down to a reasonable number.

If either party asks for a continuance and a later trial date Johnson's family will have to agree to the new date in writing to the court.

Any plea agreements in the case must be presented to the court by November 27.

Graham remains on house arrest at her parents' home in Kalispell.

Click here to read Judge Molloy's scheduling order.

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