Transportation department will study speed limit on South Brooks


Transportation department will study speed limit on South Brooks

Several car accidents at a busy Missoula intersection have some people pleading for the state to lower the speed limit.

Brooks and Dore Lane is one of the busiest and most deadly in Missoula. It's well known to police and emergency crews.

Just last month, NBC Montana brought you coverage of a three-car pileup near that intersection.

Brooks and Dore Lane can be a tense place to drive, especially at rush hour.

Cyclist Geoff McMillion figures he crosses four lanes of traffic on Brooks at Dore Lane about five times a day.

Traffic isn't too bad at mid-afternoon. But it depends on the time of day.

"The traffic coming up from Lolo seems to be quite a bit of high speed even though they've had to stop at a couple of lights," said McMillion. "It doesn't really seem like it slowed down to in-town speed."

Cathy Deschamps is with the South 39th Neighborhood Council.

Deschamps has been pushing for more than a year to have the speed limit from Miller Creek to Dore Lane reduced from 45 to 35 miles an hour.

She's seen lots of accidents on this stretch and thinks reducing the limit could save lives.

"It breaks my heart," said Deschamps, "I don't want someone else to lose someone they love."

The Montana Department of Transportation completed a safety audit of the stretch last March.

Ed Toavs with MDT said a speed limit study will be started in the next couple weeks.

He said the area is receiving high priority.

"We'll have one of three results," said Toavs, "Either it will recommend no change, it will recommend lowering the speed limit, or raising the limit."

Toavs said the study will collect data on just how fast people are driving on this stretch.

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