Top school official kicks off Montana Farm to School Month


Farm to School Month kicks off

MISSOULA, Mont. - Montana's top education official proclaimed her commitment to National Farm to School Month at a youth agriculture summit in Missoula Monday. October was proclaimed National Farm to School Month by the United States Congress in 2010.

As part of promoting the campaign in Montana public schools, Superintendent Denise Juneau made an official proclamation during the Growing Leaders Youth Summit, held at the UM Campus. The summit, organized by interest group Farm to Cafeteria Network, gathered youth from across the state to explore how to get local, healthy food into Montana schools.

Groups like Farm to Cafeteria Network and Gallatin Valley Farm to School are helping schools with connecting with local growers and creating learning activities.

Juneau states that it's all about educating students so they understand where their food comes from and then can make informed and healthier choices about what they eat.

In addition, putting local food in the school system helps keep local farmers in business, something Juneau calls "A win-win situation for everybody involved."

One of the biggest campaigns during Farm to School Month is something called "Montana Crunch Time", where students will obtain locally grown apples and "crunch" on them all at the same time; October 24th at 2:00 p.m.

For more information on Montana Crunch time, download this guide from the Office of Public Instruction. More on Farm to School Month is also available here.

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