Top chef cooks Christmas dinner at Poverello


Top chef cooks dinner at Poverello

MISSOULA, Mont. - The region's largest soup kitchen and shelter fed about 200 people for Christmas dinner,.

Volunteers were plentiful and so were donations.

Tim Hodges is a chef at The Catalyst Cafe in the Florence Building in Missoula.

Christmas Day found him stirring his specialty gravy at the Poverello.

He uncovered a hot, delicious smelling green bean casserole, and a bunch of other great looking dishes.

"We've got scratch made potatoes, and home made stuffing," said Hodges, and ham and turkey.

The chef has volunteered at the Pov for years.

"We could be down here, a paycheck or two away from being a client or coming to the soup kitchen for Christmas dinner," said Hodges.

Four-thousand pounds of food was donated to the Poverello this Christmas season that included 47 turkeys and 20 geese.

Pat Williams, his wife Susie, daughter Desiree and the family's friend Kayle Hagel volunteered for the dinner.

The family said you can't beat the feeling you get here, feeding people on a cold day.

"Try to give back and you'll get more than you've given," said Williams.

Daniel Scott West said it's true.

The Missoula native is homeless now, but he's encouraged it won't be forever.

"Then we can get back on our feet and when we do we give back to the community," said West.

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