'Timely Warning' alert sent out to UM students


MISSOULA, Mont. - A news alert for University of Montana students -- university officials sent out email and text alerts Wednesday afternoon, warning students of a man who is inappropriately touching women in their dorm room.

According to the warning the university has recently received two reports about a man meeting female students in the University Center, speaking to them, and then walking the women to their residence hall. That's when he reportedly entered the women's room and inappropriately touched them.

The University has recently received two reports about a man meeting women students in the UC, engaging in conversation, walking the student to her residence hall, entering her room, and inappropriately touching her in her room. All students are advised to be on alert for these circumstances and behaviors. Griz Personal Safety (GPS) is available to walk students at night. Call GPS at 406.243.2777.

Officials want to alert students to be on the lookout for these circumstances and report any suspicious activity to the Office of Public Safety. The number is (406) 243-4000. Campus police say they're working a few leads, though the only description they were able to release is that the alleged perpetrator is a college-aged male.

University staff say the alert system is part of a federal law, known as the Clery Act, which requires colleges and universities to disclose crime info if they are part of federal financial aid program. Staff say this is only the second time in roughly a year that the system has been used. Earlier, staff sent out a message to try and help Missoula  Police locate a missing girl.

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