Three legged black bear finds home in Missoula


Three legged black bear finds home in Missoula

MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula is now home to a very special black bear.

Resident Carl Farnsworth shared this video with NBC Montana.

The three legged black bear was rambling around up in the Pattee Creek area this weekend.

We checked with Jamie Jonkel, a bear expert with Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks, he tells us it's fairly common to see a three legged bear.  They say these injuries generally happen when a bear is hit by a car or a hunter missed a shot.

"A lot of bears with an injury like that do just fine socially with the other bears and can live to a ripe old age," said Jonkel.  "Females can raise young with three legs, they move a little slower but they can still get all of the food sources and do quite well you know with just the three legs."

Jonkel tells us if you see a three legged or injured bear in an urban area to call FWP officials right away so they can assess the animal and give it any necessary medical treatment.

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