Thousands attend ‘Missoula Made Fair', support local artists


MISSOULA, Mont. - It may be bitter outside but that didn't slow down holiday shoppers supporting Missoula artists Sunday at the 6th annual 'Missoula Made Fair.'

Over 125 artists set up booths at the Adams Center to sell their locally made products.  Thousands of folks made their way inside and meandered through different vendor booths. 

There was everything from hand crafted jewelry, to fly rods and Montana made soaps and mugs. 

Local vendor Sean Smyth makes his own ‘Mustache Mugs,' he says this is the first year he set up a booth at the fair and tells us he's shocked to see so many people.

Smyth says he's happy to see so many residents come out and shop locally.  He says especially around the holidays not only does shopping local help local artists but it's a great way to find that unique Christmas gift. 

"One thing I really enjoy, having made these (mugs), is they are all a little bit different hand-made goods so I really like it when people can come up, grab each one, and kind of find one that fits their hands," he says.  "It's just a choice that you can't really get online."

If you missed Sunday's 'Missoula Made Fair,' don't worry, it will be back again next June.

For more information on the Missoula Made Fair, click here.  

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