Testimony continues in Day 5 of Johnson trial


MISSOULA, Mont. - Testimony continued Friday morning in the rape trial involving former University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson.

Friday marked day five of the trial that's slated to last 11 days.

Friday mornings testimony started with Brian O'Day, son of former UM Athletic Director Jim O'Day. The alleged victim gave O'Day a ride home from a bar the same night of the alleged rape in February 2012.

O'Day told the court when he texted the woman for a ride she told him something had happened. He didn't ask her about it until he got in the car, he described the woman as blank and emotionless.

O'Day said the woman told him she'd been raped, but didn't initially tell him who had raped her. The two went to O'Day's house and the woman went inside. O'Day agreed that the woman told him to guess who had raped her, and indicated it was an important Grizzly football player.

O'Day told the court about a series of texts he exchanged with the woman in the days following. Asking her at one point, 'Do you think he (Johnson) thinks he did anything wrong?'

He told the court some of texts were alarming, so he continued to ask questions of the woman to get more details. He said at times he didn't feel like her story matched up.

The State also called the woman's friend Allison Bierer to the stand. Bierer said the woman texted her the morning after the alleged rape and told her she needed to talk. When the woman told Bierer she had been raped, Bierer suggested they seek medical attention.

Bierer drove the woman to First Step, a medical resource center for victims of sexual assaualt, to get a rape exam.

Just before the morning recess prosecutors called the nurse who conducted the exam at First Step, to the stand. Claire Francoeur testified briefly about her role as a nurse practitioner and about the day the woman came in for the exam.

The media, and other audience members were asked to leave the courtroom during an audio/visual presentation of the exam.

After the closed hearing, Johnson's attorney David Paoli was up to question Francoeur. He asked her about the medical examination, and texts exchanged between she and the alleged victim.

NBC Montana will update this story live from twitter throughout the day, Friday. You can read the recap here.

The trial will resume Wednesday after a holiday Monday, and Judge Karen Townsend's regular law and motion Tuesday.

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