Teens study natural resources at Lubrecht Experimental Forest


Teens study natural resources at Lubrecht Experimental Forest 7-15-13

POTOMA, Mont. - Teens from all over the west are at Lubrecht Experimental Forest near Missoula for a hands on outdoor classroom.

It's the 27th annual Montana Natural Resources Camp. Young people are learning ways to manage our resources.

Teenagers came from Washington, Idaho, California, and all over Montana. They're learning about stewardship.

"We need to apply ourselves in a way that treats the world better, as it has treated us so well," said 16-year-old Skye Hatfield, from Columbia Falls.

The young students are studying ways to protect our environment and to use it too.

"There are two opposing sides of the spectrum," said 17-year-old Justin Fiske of Mariposa, California. "Either don't use it at all or use it too much. I want to find a balance where you can use it and keep it safe at the same time."

Professionals from all walks of teach the workshops. They come from the Forest Service, the Department of Natural Resources, Fish Wildlife and Parks. Independent people teach too.

They cover soils, wildlife, recreation, economics, history, hydrology, forestry, agriculture  and geology.

"It's about understanding what the different concepts are," said camp director Martin Twer. "What are the resources out there, what are the demands?"

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