Teen arrested after shooting scare


MISSOULA, Mont. - A Livingston teen is in custody after police responded to a shooting scare at the Southgate Mall Friday evening. 

No one was hurt but it turns out a 19-year-old teenager was aiming an air soft gun, that shoots plastic pellets, at folks driving through the mall parking lot near Sears.

But police had to treat the incident as if it was a real gun - they set a perimeter and arrested the teen.

Missoula Police Sergeant James Caton tells NBC Montana if you're in the area of reported shooting, real or fake, it's best to clear the scene.

"Remove themselves from that location, let us arrive on scene and assess where the threat is so we can set up some type of parameter and start getting people away from that location so we can try and apprehend that particular suspect," said Caton.

He tells us the 19-year-old is facing a felony charge of assault with a weapon and a misdemeanor of obstructing a peace officer.

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