Tech company hopes high-speed broadband brings new business


Tech company hopes high-speed broadband brings new business

MISSOULA, Mont. - There's a new push to use advanced technology to bring business to Missoula.  The people behind the plan say their goal is to bring more jobs to the area by providing local companies with fast and dependable internet.

NBC Montana found out Monday Blackfoot Telecommunications, MonTEC and Missoula Economic Partnership are all working together to lure high-tech businesses like software manufacturers.

Monday afternoon we met with the CEO of Blackfoot Telecommunications Bill Squires who tells us new high-speed broadband internet services will allow local companies the opportunity to compete on a global scale.  

"Things that might take you a minute or two to download at home are done in a matter of literally seconds," says Squires.  "We want to send the message that Missoula is open for high-tech business."

Squires explained to us that the average movie is one gigabyte and if a person were to download a movie at home it would take anywhere from a half hour to an hour, but he says with this new high-speed broadband internet people could download the movie in under two seconds.

Squires tells NBC Montana the goal of his partnership with MonTEC and Missoula Economic Partnership is to bring more businesses to Missoula.

"We believe it will foster economic growth in all of Missoula and create jobs," he says.  

He tells us faster broadband internet will allow huge files to send in a matter of seconds, which he says can be pertinent to a number of businesses such as software and video production companies and even banks.

"The ability to transfer enormous data files very efficiently and very quickly can do nothing but help startup businesses," he says.  

James Grunke, the CEO of Missoula Economic Partnership, tells us there is demand from big businesses for high speed broadband service.

"If we're going to talk about programs that support technology startups then we need to have the access to technology," says Grunke.  "Now having virtually unlimited broadband complimentary with Blackfoot is a great thing for our community."

Squires says faster broadband internet will really change the game for entrepreneurs and future businesses in the Missoula area.

"Broadband will never be an impediment to someone locating their business in Missoula," says Squires.   

Overall, Squires tells NBC Montana the new broadband service is extremely fast and he hopes it will make a big impact on the local economy.

We're told high-speed internet is already available to MonTEC clients who now have the capability of rivaling some of America's largest companies.

For more information about attaining this high-speed broadband internet service, click here.

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