Tax extension deadline stands despite government shutdown


MISSOULA, Mont. - There aren't people manning the phones at any IRS office, but your taxes are still due Tuesday if you filed an extension.

Jim Galipeau is a shareholder and CPA at Junkermier, Clark, Campanella and Stevens (JCCS) in Missoula. He said this situation is a first.

"I've been in the business 29 years and it's never happened before."

Bottom line: If you owe money the IRS wants it. But if you're expecting a refund you won't get it until the government reopens.

"Normally if you electronically file your return you would get a refund sent to you within 10 days to two weeks," said Galipeau. "Don't know when that will happen now."

"There will be some delay on getting refunds," said Miranda Ming of Galusha, Higgins and Galusha.

"I think people just aren't sure what to do and I've just been telling them we need to proceed because as soon as the IRS opens back up we're kind of going to be back on schedule again," Ming said.

While taxpayers can't talk to a live person at any IRS office, there is automated assistance and the website is still up and running, with a special section dedicated to the October 15 deadline.

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