Superbowl Sunday big grocery day in Missoula


Superbowl Sunday big grocery day

MISSOULA, Mont. - Besides Thanksgiving, no day, not even Christmas, surpasses Superbowl Sunday, for food consumption.

It's a day grocery stores and takeout restaurants start preparing for days in advance.

Superbowl Sunday is a day to feast.

Crews at the Pattee Creek Market Deli in Missoula,  waste no time chopping tomatoes.

Salsa and the Superbowl are inseparable.

Deli supervisor Dave Diemer's had spareribs, pulled pork and beans to cook.

Two people alone have done nothing but make tortilla chips for four or five hours a day.

"Our volume will be huge," said Diemer. "I've already cooked over a hundred pounds of chips and I'll probably cook another hundred pounds."

Across town at the Orange Street Food Farm, James Richards gets an early start frying chicken.

It's a top seller.

"The most popular food is probably our dark meat," said Richards. "We're doing a dark meat special this weekend."

Beer is a big item.

So is pizza.

Craig Best shopped for a small party hosted by his co-worker.

There will be about a dozen people there.

"My wife texted me what I need to get," said Best.

He expected to spend about $45.

Most people were spending $15 to $60 at least.

But many spent $100 dollars or more.

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