Sun comes out, residents ready for spring activities


Sun comes out, residents ready for spring activities

MISSOULA, Mont. - Winter's been over for technically a month but in Montana we know that doesn't have anything to do with ending winter weather.

We're expecting temperatures to almost hit the 70's.

After one of the more difficult winters on record, locals can't wait.

"It just gets so dreary and depressing in Missoula in the winter," said resident Brooke Hess-Homeier.

For Hess-Homeier, the winter of 2013 and 2014 won't be so easily forgotten.

"I couldn't exactly get to work because my car couldn't get out of the driveway so that was pretty hard," said Hess-Homeier.

"It was pretty crazy. The big blizzard and everything like that. I definitely remember having to walk backwards on my way to work one day," said resident Eliza Oborne.

That's why for Hess-Homeier and people all over Missoula, the next few days will be extra special.

Just about everyone was out on Sunday, despite some wind. They were walking dogs, riding bikes, and even hitting the river. It will only get better.

Our first alert weather team's predicting a high of 68 degrees in the Garden City on Tuesday, with temperatures close to that across western Montana.

We asked folks what they'll do.

"I'm just ready to go kayaking and go rock climbing," said Hess-Homeier.  

"I'm thinking about going shirtless and going for a few runs," said resident Josh Breitenbach.

"Tuesday, I'll probably call in sick to work. I think it's supposed to be really nice out. Probably dust off the flip flops," said resident Amy Yalon.  

"I'm going to summit sentinel for the first time. Lot's of climbing, lot's of hiking, everything like that. Anything outdoorsy pretty much," said Oborne.

Warm weather with our high snow pack can also mean flooding but Hess-Homeier has a positive way of looking at that too.

"All the snow is going to melt and we are going to have great spring runoff and the kayakers are all going to come down here all at once and it's going to be pretty epic," said Hess-Homeier.

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