Summertime vendors say warm weather boosts sales


MISSOULA, Mont. - Summertime events are helping to boost Missoula's economy. Each Thursday night folks can find food vendors, live music and entertainment at Caras Park in downtown Missoula.

We caught up with vendors at Downtown ToNight to find out how the weather affects their sales.

Jon Miller, manager of Doc's Sandwich, tells us warm weather is his best sales friend.

He tells NBC Montana rainy days discourage folks from going downtown to grab a bite and listen to music.  Miller says it's the hot weather that really helps draw a crowd.

"We sold 100 bottles of water the first week because it was 100 degrees out," says Miller.  "The better the weather, the more people that come out."

Ben Smith tells us this is his first summer working at Downtown ToNight, and while he tells us there are some folks who shy away from coming out on abnormally hot days like we saw last week, he adds so long as it's not raining sales are great.

"There are more people when it's nicer outside," says Smith.  "Especially for tonight there are a lot of people here for it being overcast and kind of windy."

We also looked into how the weather affects beer and alcohol sales.

Jason Bohman, a bartender at the Rhino, tells NBC Montana he's served drinks at Downtown ToNight three summers in a row and he says rain or shine beer sales are always pretty good.

Bohman says hot days certainly do help sell more drinks than rainy one.

"Ultimately people just drink more beer when it gets hotter," says Bohman.  "They just drink more light beer."

At this Thursday's Downtown ToNight vendors were happy because they didn't see a single drop of rain all evening.

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