Summer food prices spike, compared to last year


Summer food prices spike, compared to last year

MISSOULA, Mont. - Shopping for food for 4th of July weekend could put a dent in your wallet. Prices on specific foods are up more than 15% this year, from last.

The owner of Pattee Creek Market, Jim Edwards is always dealing with fluctuating food prices. The prices on the shelves in his store are up, compared to last year.

"We do have some inflation, but a lot of it's been because of the storms we've had that killed a lot of cattle," Edwards said.

This means that typical food bought for 4th of July celebrations could be pricey. Items like beef for burgers, pork, chicken, and even beer are all up a couple of dollars. 

"I mean the biggest increase we've seen are in beef and pork," said Edwards.

This year the price of ground beef can reach up to five dollars a pound, compared to last year which was only around three dollars.

Even a slice of cheese will cost you 11% more and tomatoes may cost you 12% more than usual.

Grocery stores around the country are also having dealing with this. But for Edwards and his store, he doesn't see the price changes often for one simple reason.

"We try to buy as much stuff local, so that helps," Edwards said.

But, even though shoppers have noticed this price increase, they feel that this will not affect their 4th of July shopping.

"It's just the way of life," said grocery shopper, Don Montelius.

NBC Montana found Don Montelius shopping for his 4th of July weekend early. He was buying steaks to take with him to the lake. He has noticed that prices are up.

"The prices are what they are. You either live with it and love it, or I guess the other thing is to die," Montelius said.

But for those shoppers who are worried about the hike in prices it is recommended that you shop for foods on special and talk to store managers to find out when items go on sale.

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