State completes investigation into UM heating plant accident


MISSOULA, Mont. - The Montana Department of Labor (DLI) and Industry is finished with an investigation into an accident at the heating plant on the University of Montana campus.

Last month the UM's Chief Engineer and Heating Plant Supervisor Mike Burke, 61, fell through a skylight and on to a boiler while working on the roof.

Both UM and the Montana DLI launched investigations after the accident.

A review from the Montana DLI Safety and Health Bureau thanks UM for allowing them to participate in the accident investigation and offers some suggestions to improve the University of Montana safety program.

UM's Vice President for Integrated Communications Peggy Kuhr  said the university is still working on its own investigation into the incident. UM's Executive Director of Environmental and Risk Management Dan Corti said he is still waiting to follow up and talk to Burke.

Kuhr said Burke is with family, recovering. The long time employee and looks forward to returning back to work.

Click here to read the review.

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