Spirits high at Missoula Osprey season opener


Spirits high at Missoula Osprey season opener

MISSOULA, Mont. - Spirits were high at Ogren Park Allegiance Field Thursday night as the Missoula Osprey played their season opener against the Helena Brewers.

NBC Montana was at the game -- it was a bit chilly but that didn't stop hundreds fans from coming out to support their favorite team.

The spirit of baseball and the smell of hot dogs lofted through hundreds of cheering fans like Junior Osprey baseball player J.C. Steele.

"I'm really pumped up and I'm really excited," said Steele.  "It's just fun to be with my friends and maybe hang out with some girls."

Steele tells NBC Montana the junior team members pay close attention to their mentors.

"We're going to watch our bigger team and we're just the junior kids so we're looking up to them," he said.

Junior Osprey third baseman Geno Leonard says it's thrilling to come out and see the big guys play.

"It's exciting to see how they're playing because it gets you ready for how they're going to play the rest of the season," said Leonard.  "My favorite part is comparing where I play to the person that plays on their team in that position."

Wisconsin resident Tim Moe came out to watch the season opener with his son-in-law and granddaughter.

"Baseball is a great sport and I've loved everything about it since I was knee high to a grasshopper," laughed Moe.  "Being able to come out here and just support baseball is just a wonderful event."

Moe tell us he thinks baseball is the best American sport and he says there is nothing better than a season opener. 

"Lo and behold we're playing Helena which happens to be the farm team for the Milwaukee Brewers," said Moe.  "Being from Wisconsin, that's very special."

Moe says this is the second professional baseball game his granddaughter has ever seen.

"She's as excited as I am!" he said, pointing at the bag of Cracker Jack clutched in her small hands. 

"I like the game and it's just fun to do, especially when you're with your friends," says Steele. 

"They play better than us and it's just nice to see people older than you play baseball," says Leonard. 

To check out the Missoula Osprey game schedule for the season, click here.

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