Spartan duo heads to state with high hopes

Spartan duo heads to state with high hopes (5-21-14)

MISSOULA, Mont. - This spring is the first season that Sentinel's Jenna Donovan and Katie Veteto have competed together on a doubles team.  But you would never guess that if you've seen these two in action.  The pair has lost only one match all season and they coasted to the divisional title in Missoula last week.

Both girls started their high school careers as singles players, but the senior Donovan and the sophomore Veteto both say they have made the switch to doubles for the same reason.

"It just became stressful and I stopped enjoying it," said Donovan who was Sentinel's No. 1 singles player her sophomore year.  "So I moved to doubles and it's been a lot more fun.  It's more upbeat."

"Both of them are equally stressful but it's a lot more fun to play doubles," said Veteto who was Sentinel's No. 1 singles player last year as a freshman.  "It's really nice having someone you can talk it out with and just someone to work with."

As with any doubles team, these two have great chemistry on the court and admit their differences make for a great balance during competition.

"I think we've done really well this year because Jenna has the experience as a senior," said Veteto. "I feel like I'm kind of new to the first team, first year playing doubles so she's kind of had to work with me and put up with my antics."

"She's definitely the more sensitive one and i'm the more tough cookie," said Donovan.  "Like 'Mama J' is my name and she's 'Baby K' so it definitely is just a perfect balance."

"We've had plenty of matches where I've just lost it and she's right there to get me back in the game and get me focusing," explained Veteto.

"We're definitely not cocky," added Donovan.  "I'm always the one to think 'O gosh, I don't think we're going to win,' and she's the one to boost me back up.  And then in the match she breaks down and I boost her back up so it's definitely a good combo." 

While these two shy away from making any sweeping declarations, they are hopeful to make a run at the state championship later this week in Bozeman.

"I know we're good enough to do well at state," offered Veteto.

"We're going to state and we're going to do well and I have confidence," smiled Donovan.

The state AA tennis tournament takes place May 23 and 24 at the MSU tennis complex in Bozeman.

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