Snowbowl wraps up season on rainy note


Snowbowl wraps up season on rainy note

MISSOULA, Mont. - With warmer weather's on its way ski resorts across Montana are saying goodbye to another year of powder.

Sunday afternoon NBC Montana headed up to Snowbowl to see how their season ender rode out.

We ran into longtime skier Ken Price who tells us he's been hitting the runs at Snowbowl for over 35 years.

"The last day at the bowl here people go in costumes," said Price.   

He tells us dressing up is a tradition at most mountain resorts but that at the Snowbowl things get a little funky. 

We saw costumes ranging from Hawaiian dress, tuxes, clown outfits, even sumo wrestlers; Price says he's not one to ignore the yearly ritual.

"It's really warm out and it's really not raining so I should have gone with my first costume," said Price.  "Women's pajamas that are zebra style."

Skier Cole Lawrence says of the six years he's been skiing the trails at Snowbowl he's never seen such a rainy last day. 

"Last year there was like a foot of snow on the ground and everyone was having snowball fights," said Lawrence.  "Now as you can see this year I think there's a river running under the hotel."

"The last day is always really fun," said skier Sam Engler.  "Last year in particular was great because it was snowing and there was a lot more people than there are this year, this year is very wet."

But for Price he says Sunday's conditions were ideal for him.   

"I prefer less people, less crowds and people on the mountain but the comradery of other skiers is fun as well," said Price.  "I just know that every year is a good year at the Bowl."

Snowbowl will be open again this summer.  For information about their summer recreation activities click here.

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