Sexual offenders listed on state database, smartphone app


Sexual offenders listed on state database, smartphone app

MISSOULA, Mont. - Trick-or-treating is the highlight of Halloween for most kids, But for parents worried about safety, it can be a stressful time.

Thanks to technology, there are tools to keep parents informed about some of the dangers around them.

An easy one to use is the Montana Department of Justice website, where's there is an online sexual offender database.

There are also several smartphone apps that use GPS to show you on a map where sex offenders live in the area.

Many of the apps list their addresses, the charges they've been convicted of and, in some cases, a picture of the offender.

"If there is a level three sex offender living down the street, it's good just to have that knowledge," said Missoula Sheriff's Department spokesperson Paige Pavalone. "If you've got children in the neighborhood, it's good just to know that that person lives there - not necessarily that they might reoffend, but just so we have that knowledge and to keep us safer so we know what the consistency of our neighborhood is."

To access the Justice Department Sexual Offenders database, click here.

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