Senior citizens work to preserve social security


MISSOULA, Mont. - Senior citizens across the country say changes to social security will jeopardize millions of people's retirements.

They are organizing at places like the Missoula Senior Center today, on the agency's 78th birthday.  

Many are writing postcards to congressional delegates, urging them to fight for benefits they rely on.

The Montana Organizing Project reports that Montana citizens are growing increasingly alarmed with proposals from Washington to cut and privatize social security and medicare, and that the move could jeopardize a secure retirement for thousands of Montanans.

Rose Tabor told NBC Montana, "I have been taking social security since I retired at 64.  It's very helpful.  I hope they don't get rid of it."

Leaders of grassroots efforts say they are committed to work to protect social security, medicare and medicaid through the upcoming November election.

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