Senate race focus turns to get-out-the-vote effort


HELENA, Mont. - U.S. Sen. Jon Tester and challenger U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg are turning to crucial get-out-the-vote rallies with just over a week left until Election Day.
Rehberg has been turning to out-of-state surrogates to help him rally his base. Tester is instead relying on his own star power to excite his followers.
But both have the same goal: increase turnout in their respective bases in hope of breaking a near dead-locked Senate battle where few voters remain undecided.
The Montana Senate race has been nearly two-year-long odyssey that is finishing the way it started: about tied.
Tester is warning supporters that Rehberg poses a threat to favored programs like college Pell Grants and Medicare.
Rehberg is sticking to his primary message and hammering Tester over unpopular Obama administration policies.

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