Sen. Augare agrees to step back from legislative duties during court case


HELENA, Mont. - Senator Shannon Augare (D-Browning) has agreed to step back from his legislative duties while his federal case is pending.

Sen. Augare was accused of fleeing a DUI track stop in May. He now faces numerous charges in federal court for the incident.

Minority Leader Jon Sesso (D-Butte) told NBC Montana he's been talking with Augare since the alleged incident and that Augare agreed to step back from his duties while the federal case is pending.

Sesso said he excused Augare from Wednesday's Law and Justice Committee meeting in Helena.

In May Augare was pulled over in Browning, on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and allegedly told a Glacier County Sheriff's Deputy he had no jurisdiction to make an arrest.

He's been charged with drunk driving, obstructing a peace officer and reckless driving.

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