Security increased after bomb threats at Big Sky High School


Security increased at Big Sky High School after bomb threats

MISSOULA, Mont. - This morning Missoula Big Sky parents received automated calls from Missoula Public Schools officials telling them about a bomb threat and a threat against a student found on bathroom walls Monday.

School administrators at Big Sky High School held a meeting this morning to discuss a safety threat received earlier in the week.

School officials are assuring parents their children are in no immediate danger.

The threats indicated the bombing would happen and the student would be shot Friday, September 13th.  Sources indicate the graffiti on a bathroom wall made derogatory comments about female students and Dean of Students and specifically targeted a male student.

Police tell us they talked with everyone targeted.

The message told parents the school, its special resources officer and the Missoula Police Department have been investigating the incident since.

Parents are told they can take their children out of school without any penalties.

Sources indicate some parents have already taken children out.

The following text was sent out by Big Sky High School administrators to parents.

"Big Sky High School administration received notice of a possible bomb threat and a personal threat to a student on graffiti found on the walls of a bathroom early Monday morning. The threat was indicated to occur at the school on Friday September 13, 2013.

School staff have spent the week investigating this threat along with the School Resource Officer and the Missoula Police Department.

There will be increased patrols and presence in and around the school to support a safe teaching and learning environment for Big Sky High School."

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