Schweitzer comments on shutdown


MISSOULA, Mont. - Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer tells NBC Montana the partial government shutdown is overrated grandstanding in Washington DC.  

Schweitzer says, "Today, the Dow Jones Industrials were up 60 points. Most people, the adults, people who are running businesses, they know this isn't going to last but just a few days.  I think congress needs to get a little attention, so they have decided to do what third graders do.  They are going to hold their breath until they turn blue, but, everybody knows, you were in third grade, you turn blue, you fall out of your chair, you wake up, you start breathing again. They will do that in the next 72 hours. The only job they actually have to do is to pass a budget to pay for the things that they have already obligated to.  That is what we are asking them to do. They have been running around with a charge card.  They have spent the money.  They have the bill. Now they have to write the check.  Write the check!"

Schweitzer predicts the shutdown will be over in a couple of days.

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