Runners spreading awareness about Sarcoma Cancer across the US


MISSOULA, - A group of runners running the perimeter of the United States made a stop in Missoula today.

Miles 2 Give was founded by Landon Cooper. Cooper and his crew travel across the world running miles to spread awareness and raise money about Sarcoma Cancer.

Last year was the first tour for Cooper. They traveled from California to Maryland and ran a little over 3,000 miles. This year, the tour started in Times Square and are running 10,000.

Miles 2 Give has already raised $30,000 so far but their goal is to raise a quarter million. They have been to 17 different states spreading awareness and have ran over 3,400 miles. Copper told NBC Montana not only why this mission is important, but what the RV they travel in represents.

"Being a five mile an hour moving billboard of sarcoma awareness opens up peoples hearts and so inside people leave their story, everybody has a story and we're just a platform for everybody to tell theirs," explained Founder and Runner Landon Cooper.

Inside the RV, there are over 3,000 signatures and stories from survivors, care takers and guests.

Click here to donate money for the cause.

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