Runners register for 2014 Missoula Marathon at record pace


MISSOULA, Mont. - It's been a difficult winter for runners, but that hasn't stopped people from signing up for the Missoula Marathon at record pace.

128 days before the starting gun sounds, marathon organizers tell us 355 runners have signed up for the 5k, 2,257 have signed up for the half marathon, and 985 runners are already registered for the full marathon.

This year organizers raised the cap on how many people can sign up, but the half and the full marathons are already more than halfway full.

"The numbers are looking like we're going to get to that cap again," said Run Wild Missoula Director Eva Dunn-Froebig. "We want to encourage especially the local community to sign up as soon as you can, because we don't want the locals to miss out on registering for the race."

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