Ronan race still tied, city council to decide winner


MISSOULA, Mont. - Last Tuesday two candidates in Ronan running for a seat in city council tied for the position. Roger Romero and Tracy Morgieau-Frank each received 51 votes each.

We checked in with Lake County Election officials Tuesday, one week after the election was held, and learned a canvass and recount were both performed on the November 12.

Election organizers tell NBC Montana the results of the recount show both candidates are still tied.

Last week we spoke with both candidates who said they were surprised the vote was a tie and both were anxious to find out who will serve in Ronan City Council.

Election officials tell us the four current city council members will appoint one of the two candidates to the Ward 1 city council position.

A candidate will be appointed at the next Ronan City Council meeting held on November 18 at 6:00 p.m. at Ronan City Hall.

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