Rep. Daines visits Missoula business owners


MISSOULA, Mont. - Montana's new Representative Steve Daines was in Missoula Tuesday afternoon, meeting with business leaders.

Daines wanted to hear what they're doing to save money and create jobs.

Daines says he wants to develop relationships between local job-creating businesses and other local business owners and entrepreneurs.

The idea is to pinpoint what these businesses do well and pass the knowledge on to others.

Daines highlighted Consumer Direct for its efficient business practices.

Consumer Direct's owner Bill Woody says the company has added more than 500 jobs in Montana in the last two years and several thousand nationwide.

Daines says it's a prime example of the job growth he'd like to see in Montana.

"I want to make sure I'm staying in touch with the folks who are out there on the front lines creating jobs," said Daines.  "Everywhere we go people are looking for how do we create higher paying jobs, particularly in western Montana; these are good, high paying, clean jobs that we've got entrepreneurs out there working hard."

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