Record store displays Beatle's collection ahead of McCartney show


MISSOULA, Mont. - Rockin' Rudy's in Missoula has put up a Beatles display in honor of the great band and the Paul McCartney concert happening this Tuesday.

Bruce Micklus is the manager of Rockin' Rudy's and has been collecting Beatles paraphernalia since the early 60's. He's grown up a big fan of the Beatles and decided to share his collection with his customers. Micklus and the store couldn't be more excited about McCartney's big performance this week.  

"This is the 50th anniversary of the last Beatles Performance at Candlestick park, which I happened to go to so it's kind of fun to get stuff back out and see what's going on," explain Bruce Micklus.

Micklus told NBC Montana that Rockin' Rudy's will keep the Beatles display up for the rest of the summer.

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