Recent filings outline new details in newlywed murder case


MISSOULA, Mont. - More than a dozen new documents filed in the case of a Kalispell woman accused of pushing her husband off a cliff, outline new details on the plans for trial.

Last Friday, 17 filings were made in the federal case where Jordan Linn Graham has been indicted with first and second degree murder for pushing her husband Cody Lee Johnson off cliff in Glacier National Park in July. The couple had been married just eight days. Graham faces a third charge for lying to authorities.

Among the stack of new documents, motions to dismiss from Graham's defense. Attorney's are asking that the indictment be dropped or alternatively that the first degree premeditated murder charge be dismissed.

In addition one document from the defense shares a possible addition to the United States' case against Graham. Defense attorneys write that on October 25 in a phone call, the U.S. assistant attorneys said they have reason to believe Graham blindfolded Johnson before pushing him off the cliff. It goes on to say the government is having a piece of cloth found near Johnson's body tested for DNA evidence. 

Defense attorneys wrote they don't know how the government will be ready for the trial scheduled for December 9.

An hearing is scheduled for Friday, November 15. Both sides are expected to discuss jury selection at that time.

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