Ravalli Women's Wellness Center opens in Hamilton next week


HAMILTON, Mont. - An all-volunteer staffed clinic for low-income women especially, will start seeing patients in Hamilton next week.

Staff has already moved in supplies and equipment to Ravalli Women's Wellness Center at 303 N. 3rd.

The clinic was spurred by the closure of the Ravalli County Health Department's reproductive health services last year.

The clinic will provide referrals, wellness exams, pregnancy testing and counseling, STD testing and treatment. It will also advise patients on how to obtain health insurance.

"No one will be turned away," said director Heather Liebe. "We have a sliding scale fee that we will apply to people based on their income levels. But ultimately we are seeing anybody that has no insurance, and can't afford to go anywhere else."

Seven physicians will take turns helping nurses provide care.

The center will be open every Friday, and every first Monday of the month. The first day of operations will be next Friday.

The clinic raised $25,000 in private donations to get the doors open. The center is accepting donations.

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