Ravalli residents react to rising waters


Ravalli residents react to rising waters

MISSOULA, Mont. - Northern Ravalli County is under a Flood Warning that will run indefinitely. The warning includes Florence, where a large crew of volunteers gathered at the Florence Fire Department to fill sandbags for their neighbors.

"I've been out here all day because I was helping some friends get some sandbags and just started seeing rigs come in one after the other, so I just stayed here," said Florence resident Jay Dixon.

Outside of town in Florence, Terry Kay told NBC Montana that he and his wife had been laying down sandbags. Kay tells NBC Montana that he's never seen flooding so fast so early in the season.

"I've never seen flooding like this before, and we're just trying to keep the water from taking the shed down to the neighbor's house right now," said Kay.

Residents around Ravalli County had similar stories.

"[It] headed down the driveway there, washing the driveway out. It's just too much water to stay in the banks," said Hamilton resident Jim Lindquist.

"This particular field is an alfalfa grass field and the problem of it is the ground is frozen under there and the water runs off the top instead of soaking into the ground," said Stevensville resident Jim Pfau.

"I got a little bit of a water problem. I went into the garage, and had about 3 inches in the garage," said Stevensville resident Ron Blighton.

Winters Lane and Willoughby Lane off the Eastside Highway in Stevensville are closed.

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