Ravalli County Treasurer speaks to Bitterroot conservatives


Ravalli County Treasurer speaks to Bitterroot conservatives

HAMILTON, Mont. - After several requests in person, by phone and e-mail Ravalli County Treasurer Valerie Stamey has not responded, other than to point to her attorney.

But a group of Ravalli County people heard her side in person. Just a day after being placed on paid administrative leave last week, Stamey spoke to a group of conservative Republicans in the Bitterroot Valley.

The speech was later posted on YouTube. It's only the second time Stamey spoke out. The first was when she read a prepared statement to commissioners.

Friday she chose to talk to the South Bitterroot Valley Pachyderm Club at its meeting. She started off with the Lord's Prayer.

From there Stamey tried to make her case telling the group that many of Ravalli County's top officials are against her, and wanted her out. But she maintains she didn't do anything wrong.

"I'm not a criminal. I've never created a criminal act," she said.

Her speech continued for about an hour and a half. Stamey claimed the treasurer's office was a hostile work environment.

"I explained that my work environment was hostile, that there was not one single staff member who would so much as tell me where they kept the extra toilet paper."

She also told the club she's been attacked.

"My car's been keyed…I had to change the locks on my office door…my entire right to privacy has been completely violated," she said.

Stamey continues to claim that tax workers aren't following the law on tax liens and keeping incomplete records. "Millions of dollars in tax liens have no account code, are not tracked."

She added that, on the other hand, the money the office receives monthly from the vending machine does have a code and is tracked.

After about an hour of her speech someone asked Stamey why she was making the statements at the club rather than that courthouse. "You should have done that where the people were, that you were accusing. And face your accusers and have them face you."

"I can tell you exactly why. It is because I had no, none, no support whatsoever from the commission," Stamey said.

She hoped to get that support from the Pachyderm Club, though after that hour and half some were still up in the air.

"If you believe me, if you don't, I appreciate you listening," she said. 

"At this point, I don't know who I believe," responded someone from the audience.

Click here to watch the full video of Stamey's presentation to the South Bitterroot Valley Pachyderm Club.

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