Ravalli County pummelled with snow


The Bitterroot Valley has been getting pummeled with snowfall, with more than a foot of snow piling up in some communities. And that is making for slick roads and even some vehicle slide offs.


Some drivers we spoke with say they had altered their Sunday plans to stay close to home. Others avoided their typical routines like church altogether.


Jack Wesley spent a good part of his Sunday shoveling snow at a Hamilton business.  


"It started coming down more so this is my second time going over it," said Wesley late Sunday afternoon.


Bret Allen had to drive into Hamilton from an outlying community to fill up his gas container, just to bring it back home, fill up his plow, and get to work. It's all in an effort to make sure he can get to work Monday morning.


"It'll take some extra time to get to Missoula in the morning," Allen said. "Probably, I'll have to give it a couple hours instead of the hour and a half I give it normally."


The storm is also a major concern for emergency responders. Crews hope drivers out on the roadways limit their travel until the storm lets up.

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