Ravalli Co. voters will decide whether to change how local government works


HAMILTON, Mont. - Ravalli County voters will decide in June whether to explore changing the way local government works. They will decide whether to establish and pay for a citizens study commission

Funding for the study can't exceed $36,500, and would be paid for by an additional mill levy.

State law requires local government every 10 years to ask citizens if they want to make changes. A decade ago, one of the main changes was to expand the commission from three members to five.

If voters approve the ballot issue, board members and other hot-button items you hear on the street, would probably be reviewed. Like whether to take the commission from a five-member board back to a three-member board, said commissioner Jeff Burrows, or electing by district instead of county wide and making some positions that are now partisan, nonpartisan jobs.

If approved, the study commission would be nonpartisan. The members would be elected in the general election in November.

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