Ravalli Co. commission meetings to be streamed live online


HAMILTON, Mont. - The public will soon be able to view Ravalli County commission meetings live online. The board voted 4 to 1 to buy a computer program to provide live streaming on the web.

It will also help streamline the process of taking minutes.

The program costs $7,350, with an additional $629 monthly fee for the service. The public won't be able to interact on the web live. But they can view meetings and make comments afterwards.

"It opens up the door for all the public that's interested in county government," said Ravalli County IT director Joe Frohlich. "To be able to see meetings as they happen."

The public can view proceedings via their computers, tablets or iPhones.

The service could be available as early as July.

Commissioner Greg Chilcott said he supports the program, but was the lone dissenter. Chilcott said he would rather wait and see how declining budgets shake down before spending the money.

Other commissioners think the program will save the county money in the long run.

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