Ravalli Co. attorney orders investigation into Treasurer's Office, allegations


Ravalli Co. attorney orders investigation into Treasurer's Office, allegations

MISSOULA, Mont. - Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fulbright has issued a letter detailing his request for a two-part investigation.

He wrote that he has decided it has "become necessary to launch a two part investigation. These will be independent and thorough investigations conducted by entities not affiliated with Ravalli County or my office.

He writes that he expects the "two components of this investigation will be a full audit of the state of accounts, deposits, funds, and financial records of the office of the Treasurer, conducted by an independent auditor qualified to audit government accounts; and…an investigation into all allegations made by Ms. Stamey…" during Tuesday's public meeting.

Among Stamey's accusations Tuesday was the claim that Commissioner J.R. Iman had threatened her to stop asking questions and to not talk to others as she tried to gain access to accounts of the Treasury Office.

In a written statement, Iman wrote that "…several allegations were made in a public meeting naming County employees, commissioners and me as an individual. These personal accusations are without merit and patently false. I will look to the Ravalli County Attorney for guidance regarding an independent investigation of allegations made against me and other County officials along with a forensic audit of County financial records at a meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 23."

Stamey declined to comment on Wednesday, and referred NBC Montana to her attorney.

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