Raffle tickets still available for student-built home


MISSOULA, Mont. - Organizers are still selling $100 raffle tickets for a student-built Missoula house. The house was constructed as part of a partnership between the Missoula Building Industry, Missoula College and the Flagship Program.

The goal was to teach high school students and contracting college students real-world industry skills. Raffle tickets are helping organizers make up for costs of building the home. Organizers are trying to reach 3,000 tickets sold, and they have roughly 350 left to sell.

Building on the house took a full school year to complete. The home is the second home built as part of the partnership.

"Home ownership is a dream for a lot of folks and this is an opportunity to win this house with a hundred dollar ticket," said Michelle Felde, chair of the Building Futures program.

Folks interested in buying a raffle ticket can visit this Facebook page.

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