Prep for marathon still underway, volunteers needed


Preps for marathon still underway, volunteers needed (7-9-2013)

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Missoula full and half marathons are less than a week away, and volunteers have been hard at work making sure the events run smoothly.

One of those volunteers is Volunteer Coordinator Danelle Gjetmundsen. She tells NBC Montana that about a hundred more volunteers are needed, for duties including handing out water to runners, and monitoring the courses for safety hazards.

Gjetmundsen says volunteers have a lot to gain from lending a helping hand at the events.

"People get a sense of community. Quite a few of our volunteers are new to the area and they have written that they want to get involved with community service. They want to meet people," said Gjetmundsen.

Folks interested in volunteering at the marathon can visit this website.

Volunteers have also been cleaning the race courses. Roughly 30 volunteers spent their Sunday clearing the way, including Missoula resident Teresa McKinney, who helped out with her husband.

McKinney tells NBC Montana that she and other volunteers found garbage along the half marathon course, including a mattress and box spring. Now, she says, she's glad to help ensure a clean and clear course for runners.

"It reflects on our city as a whole. It reflects on our running community, and it's just important to have a nice clean course," said McKinney.

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