Prank call gone wrong, man faces felony for impersonating deputy


MISSOULA, Mont. - A Missoula man faces a felony charge for pretending to be a Missoula County Sheriff's Deputy.

Court documents say Kyle Earl Pritchard, 30, called two local residents around 2 a.m. in September, and told them he was a Missoula County Sheriff's Deputy investigating a hit-and-run accident. The residents reported the incident to Missoula Police earlier this moth, and Pritchard was cited with impersonation of a public servant.

The documents say Pritchard threatened to send deputies to the residents' home and cite them for failing to cooperate. He allegedly went on to tell them a friend of theirs had been involved in an accident before telling them his name and saying that he was 'kidding.'

The court document says that on October 20, Pritchard posted a copy of a citation written to him for Impersonating a Public Servant, on Facebook with a comment about how the felony charge was unfair.

Missoula County Justice Court Judge Karen Orzech set bail at $10,000 Monday afternoon.

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