Pothole Patrol: Freeze-thaw brings commuting hazards


Pothole Patrol: Freeze-thaw brings commuting hazards 02-20-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - It's that time of year again in Montana. The freeze-thaw starts to open up potholes in the asphalt that can make roads dangerous.

This year, NBC Montana is launching our own "Pothole Patrol."

Viewers can share with us what they are seeing, and we'll help alert crews to needed repairs.

Bob Giordano, director of Missoula Free Cycles, said potholes aren't only a hazard for drivers.

"Potholes literally can kill a cyclist under the worst circumstances, and can really damage a frame under some of the best circumstances," said Giordano.

Missoula resident Kathy Kahl said this year road crews have kept the roads mostly smooth so far, but she's had problems before.

"It's early, in the past I'd say I have lost a transmission after hitting a pothole."

City officials say they're keeping their eyes and ears open, and are ready to use their new asphalt recycler for patch jobs.

And we're here to help as well. Find the "Pothole Patrol" link on our home page to report a pothole, and we'll pass on the information to the appropriate street department.

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