Plans move ahead for development at Missoula's South Crossing


MISSOULA, Mont. - Retailers are moving ahead with plans for Missoula's South Crossing. Missoula city officials report they are reviewing plans for Petco and the Men's Wearhouse.

Both retailers want to build on the old K-Mart site on Brooks Street. That location is now called South Crossing.

Plans for both stores are just drafts right now, meaning they are not public. We expect to get a closer look in a couple of weeks.

Officials tell us the department store Kohl's has not submitted its plans, but appears to still be focused on building on the same site in Missoula. We're told planners talk periodically with Kohl's, but executives are not in a hurry to submit their plans.

Right now, a Cabela's Outpost is set to open soon. Boot Barn opened last fall.

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