OutdoorsFest brings in over 200 people


BONNER, Mont. - OutdoorsFest brought in more than 200 hundred people Sunday in Bonner, just east of Missoula.

It's a family-oriented event, with the main theme, "To get outside and enjoy the summer months."

OutdoorsFest was organized by the Outdoorsmen Church. Kids could learn about wildlife, hit up the bounce houses, and shoot a bow.

"I'm happy the weather was good and cooperated with us. I think it was a great and successful, first annual event for sure, when we get something brand new into a community and you get a couple hundred people to show up to it. We're really happy with the outcome of it," said Ken Bell, part of the Outdoorsmen Church.

In the past, this event has been held in Frenchtown. This is the first time the Outdoorsmen Church held an OutdoorsFest in Bonner.

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