Outdoor recreation businesses prep for summer sales


Outdoor recreation businesses prep for summer sales

MISSOULA, MONT. - A taste of spring weather has Montanans breaking free from months of cabin fever to spend more time outdoors.

NBC Montana spent Tuesday checking with business owners who were busy stocking the shelves and filling the racks for the summer selling season.

We also talked with one local ski shop to get an idea of what the new season means for business.  

Glenn Gaertner, manager of Gull Ski Shop in Missoula, tells us a snowy year can mean the difference between big bucks and leftover inventory.

"If it's a warm, dry year you know it could be tough to move a lot of product," said Gaertner.  "Luckily these last couple of years it's been adequate."

He tells NBC Montana the store had extremely high sales two winters ago.

"It just kept snowing and we sold everything it seemed like," he chuckled.  

Now a sign on the door reminds winter sports fans that the season has come to an end.  It reads ‘Last day open for the season is April 13,' but with the end of winter comes summer and summer toys.

"They'll scrimp for gas for their cars so they can put gas in their boat. They're always going to play," said Michael Anderson, owner of Gull Boats & R.V.  

Anderson says after 44 years in the boat and R.V. business he's learned weather and the economy have big influences on sales.

"We've seen several different recessions come and go and you just weather the storm and everything always comes back eventually," said Anderson.  

And with summer tourists on their way, now efforts can be focused on summer sales.

Gull Ski Shop and Gull Boats & R.V. are owned by the same family so now most employees at the ski shop will help with boat, R.V. and summer sales.

For more information about Gull Boats & R.V. or Gull Ski click the links. 

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