Ollie the Osprey marches through hot weather

Ollie the Osprey marches through hot weather 7-4-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - You've heard of the "Dog Days of Summer", but have you ever head of the "Bird Days" of summer?

With the high temperatures we've experienced this week we were curious how Ollie the Osprey was handling the warm weather so NBC Montana's Brad Peers stopped by Ogren Park to talk with the Missoula Osprey Pioneer League baseball team to get their thoughts on Ollie's job this week.

"I mean I'm glad I'm not that guy I'll tell you that," said outfielder Justin Bianco.  "But you know props to Ollie for putting on that big suit in the heat and everything to go out and do his thing.  So praise for him then, make sure he stays alright in there."

"I wish him luck," said infielder Jake Miller. "I feel for him but I can't imagine how hot it is in there and you know all I have to say is you signed up for it."

So what was Ollie's reaction to finding out how hot this week was going to be?  When we asked him he just melted to the ground to provide a perfect description.  We think that's how a lot of people felt.

As the temperatures continue to stay warm the Missoula Osprey will hope their bats do the same.

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