Nonprofit organization launches new buy local campaign


Nonprofit organization launches new buy local campaign

MISSOULA, Mont. - Local farmers, like Erin Turner are shocked to hear that fewer people are buying local. 

"We are going to see more development and the loss of "ag" land. It's devastating," Turner said.

But, shoppers at local grocery stores claim they are trying to buy locally. 

"You can trust the food that comes from your area especially if you know if its organically grown," said Missoula resident Nancy Walton.

So, to encourage other people to do the same, the Sustainable Business Council, a nonprofit in Missoula is launching a new campaign called "buy local."

They want people to pledge to purchase 10% of their foods from local growers. 

"We can get earlier crops because the producers are trying to meet the demands and the more demand there is the more of that kind of innovation there will be so we can get local foods year round," said Jenny Mish, Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Council.

Tomatoes found in Pattee Creek Market prove her point. Those tomatoes are grown in Kalispell and don't usually appear in stores until later on in the season. 

But for Erin Turner, it's about more than supply and demand, its about a connection between buyers and growers. 

"It's great for the customers because they're getting to know the farmer and see where their food is coming from," Turner said. 

You can make the pledge to "buy local" online at the Sustainable Business Council's website. 

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