No trash too big for Clark Fork River cleanup crews


MISSOULA, Mont. - Nine hundred people spent their Saturday morning on the Clark Fork River. They weren't tanning or floating, they were picking up trash.

Volunteers for the tenth annual Clark Fork cleanup came as individuals and in teams.

The cleanup crews spread out along the banks, separating trash from recyclables.

Some trash was too big to haul in.

Heavy items were placed visibly on the river bank for parks and recreation to pick up later.

"We found broken glass, a lot of broken glass," volunteer Tarry Davenport says. "A lot of old steel, pre-plastic era stuff, a lot of rusty old tin cans, a manhole cover was found here by somebody. That's a serious chunk of steel. Yea I'm surprised they were actually able to lift it up on the bank, but they got it up there."

The event hosted 775 volunteers last year and collected 8,000 pounds of trash and 1,000 pounds of recycled materials.

This year's turn out is estimated at about 200 more volunteers. Trash and recycle numbers for this year's event are not yet known.

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